Londonderry Selectboard 01.07.19

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Additions/deletions to agenda 00:02:02

Approve minutes 00:03:15

Equalization study results 00:03:58

Special school brd meet/vote 00:05:06

Dogs/transfer station info 00:10:46

New town administrator says hi 00:11:03

Water and waste water update 00:12:03

Police budget/concerns 00:22:07

Highway budget 00:31:46

Pump Track! 00:34:45

Request for exemption 00:43:35

New administrator asks for goals from the board 00:45:15

William's dam concerns 00:48:05

Transfer station 01:00:43

Traffic safety committee final report 01:01:04

Highway concerns 01:36:57

Salt shed 01:38:09

Town office to be a FEMA op center 01:41:48

Okemo chamber of commerce? 01:43:36

Radio communication issues need to stop 01:46:26

Cobble Ridge road update 02:00:17

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