Londonderry Selectboard 12.17.18

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Additions/Deletions to Agenda 00:01:00

Approval of Minutes 00:01:51

Announcements/Correspondence 00:03:43

Clerk holiday hours 00:04:01

Transfer station stickers available 00:04:48

Disaster Declaration update 00:05:11

T&G special election coming up 00:05:41

timeline for town report and budget 00:07:56

Going through all the appropriations 00:09:42

Conservation Commision property purchase 00:27:33

Transfer Station updates 00:29:42

Roads and Bridges 00:31:05

Road Crew/Fire Crew compensation when called in 00:32:15

Old Business:Post office elevation project 00:42:03

Lowell Lake State Park concerns 00:47:00

Emergency shelter requirements at Floodbrook 01:29:05

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